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Union Basics

Some Union Basics

  • Unions provide representation on all employment-related problems and issues. Through the grievance/arbitration procedure, unions can enforce the law and the collective agreement.
  • Unions bargain for wages, benefits, and other working conditions on behalf of their members. This collective voice balances the enormous economic power of the employer.
  • Unions provide assistance and representation with respect to LTD and WSIB claims and appeals (an otherwise expensive process).
  • Unions provide their members training opportunities on collective agreement issues, human rights, health and safety, and other employment related issues.
  • Unions fight for their members' rights!

Why Join a Union?

  • Union members enjoy better wages and benefits than non-union workers doing the same work.
  • Union members enjoy better job security. They cannot, unlike non-union employees, be terminated without cause.
  • Union members enjoy better sick leave and income protection programs.
  • Union representation provides a voice in the workplace the employer cannot ignore.


  • UWOSA is an independent union representing over 1100 administrative and technical staff at Western. Our members work on the UWO campus and in offices and labs in the teaching hospitals in London. We are in our 41st year of existence, and our 11th as a union.
  • UWOSA's office is staffed with full time elected officials and a Business Manager. We have the resources to provide effective, timely representation.
  • UWOSA participates widely in campus and community labour groups, and provides many training opportunities for its elected representatives and members.
  • UWOSA is democratically run by our members, for our members.