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The Union Advantage

There are many advantages of being unionized; here are just a few of the most significant ones.

Dignity and Fair Treatment Must be given at all times. Only given if they like you. Little recourse to bullying behaviour.
Wages and Benefits Spelled out in the Collective Agreement. Privately negotiated by management, either without employee input or without any enforcement mechanism.
Wage Increases (Annual Raises) Will be bargained for everyone. Favouritism can determine individual raises.
Discipline The Union will defend you with Legal Assistance and a Grievance Process. You are on your own, and have little ability to fight discipline.
Termination You cannot be terminated without cause. The employer can terminate your employment at will, without cause.
Problems on the Job Your voice is heard. You have a Grievance procedure, backed up by Arbitration (the court-like tribunal which hears labour disputes). There is no dispute mechanism; or, if there is, it is controlled by the employer.
Job Descriptions Job descriptions must be accurate and evaluated based on objective criteria. Job descriptions may be inaccurate and are evaluated at the employer's discretion.
Seniority Rights Many decisions based, in all or part, on seniority. No enforceable seniority rights.
Policies Remain consistent and are disputable under the Grievance procedure. Forever changing, and set by the employer.