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UWOSA is an independent union representing approximately 860 administrative and technical staff at the University of Western Ontario. Our members work in every area of the University in a wide variety of roles. We are Academic Counselling Assistants, Admissions Coordinators, Animal Care Technicians, Booth Attendants, Computer Specialists, Dental Assistants, Drivers, Events Coordinators, Faculty Affairs Assistants, Graduate Coordinators, Horticultural Technicians, Laboratory Supervisors, Library Assistants, OSAP Coordinators, Prospect Researchers, Research Assistants, Residence Clerks, Schedulers, Secretaries, Storeskeepers, Technical Supervisors and Undergraduate Assistants (and so much more).

UWOSA Standing Committee and Joint UWO/UWOSA Committee Vacancies

UWOSA Representatives Needed for Joint UWO/UWOSA Committees

Dear UWOSA member,

As we have just entered a new electoral term, the following committees require UWOSA representatives:

Employee Assistance Program Committee (one member required for a two year term):
The Employee Assistance Program Committee shall be responsible for: (a) Monitoring the overall effectiveness of the policy and its procedures (b) Monitoring the services provided by the agency under this policy (c) Providing assistance and support in the planning, coordination, presentation and publicity of Employee Assistance Program information and training sessions on a continuing basis (d) Recommending for payment all appropriate expenses and services provided under the Plan, and ensuring that the agency's services and costs are appropriately audited (e) Recommending the agency with which the University shall contract counselling services in support of the Employee Assistance Program 5.03 Recommendations regarding the foregoing responsibilities will be directed to the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (MAPP 3.8)

Advisory Committee on Parking and Traffic(one member required for a two-year term):
The ACPT is responsible for recommending initiatives on parking and traffic for the campus.

Parking Appeals Committee (one member required for a two-year term):
The Parking Appeals Committee is responsible for arriving at objective and fair decisions in regards to infraction appeals.

President’s Committee on the Safety of Women on Campus (one member for a two year term):
This committee has adopted the following goals: Monitor the current situation relative to the safety of women on campus; Recommend initiatives which will have a positive impact on the safety of women on campus. These initiatives should focus not only on physical safety issues but on educational projects which address climate issues; Raise awareness in the University community of safety issues specific to women; Encourage and promote the efforts of other community groups in all initiatives to improve the safety of women; Present the Committee's finding and recommendations to the President of the University and the University community.

Environmental and Laboratory Safety Committee (one member required for a two-year term):
This committee offers information and links of a variety of services to assist in providing a healthy and safe laboratory environment.
Learning, Staff Development and Training Committee (2 members required for a two year term): This team supports the development of staff across the University to be successful with their present and changing roles and accountabilities. They plan, create, access, advocate for, or sponsor opportunities to support identified development needs. Learning, Staff Development, and Training is focused on supporting people to grow in the workplace, to realize their potential, and to perform their roles to meet the outcomes required.

If you are interested in joining, please sign into the Member Area of the UWOSA website, under Forms and fill out the Application for UWOSA Committee Appointment. You may then email your form to

The Stewards Council will appoint representatives to these committees at its June 15, 2016 meeting.

UWOSA Members Needed for UWOSA Standing Committees:

As we have just entered a new electoral term, all UWOSA committees have openings for new members:

Constitution & Bylaws Committee:
Chair: Meg Perinpanayagam, Vice President
This committee reviews, provides clarity and recommends changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Education and Training Committee:
Chair: John Critchley, President
This committee develops and proposes programs and policies which will advance the educational and training needs and interests of the Association membership. They establish criteria and adjudicate applications from members for education and training opportunities.

Finance Committee:
Chair: James Taron, Treasurer
This committee reviews UWOSA’s financial statements and investments.

Membership, Newsletter & Social Committee:
Co-Chairs: Katie Merchant, Membership Services Officer and Meg Perinpanayagam, Vice President
This committee works to advance the educational, social and cultural interests of the Association membership and publishes the newsletter.

Negotiations Committee:
Chair: Meg Perinpanayagam, Vice President
This committee collects information at local, provincial and federal levels pertinent to university salaries and benefits, gathers information from members regarding issues pertinent to contract negotiations, and prepares a salary/benefits brief.

If you are interested in joining, please sign into the Member Area of the UWOSA website, under Forms and fill out the Application for UWOSA Committee Appointment You may then email your form to the appropriate chair as indicated.

Message from the UWOSA President

It is with mixed feelings to announce that Mary Hay has resigned as our Business Manager. Her last day in the UWOSA office will be Friday, March 18th. To say that Mary has been invaluable to the union is an understatement, and will be sorely missed. Mary is the only one I know who can recite verbatim Article 13, find the second copy of third draft notes from negotiation and know where on campus each member in our union works without checking the database.

We thank Mary for spending 14 years of her career with UWOSA. Mary has gone above and beyond for our union, and definitely above and beyond for those who have sat in Executive officer or committee chair seats, past and present.

Mary’s new employer will be getting a talented individual with keen insight, intelligence and a great sense of humor. The Union office won’t be the same without her.

Meg Perinpanayagam
President, UWOSA

UWOSA Elections - Result of Call for Nominations

Following are the officers acclaimed for the 2016-2018 electoral year:

President: John Critchley
Vice-President: Meg Perinpanayagam
Chief Steward: Val Van DOmelen
Treasurer: James Taron
Health & Safety Officer: Cleusa De Oliveira
Membership Services Officer: Katie Merchant
Secretary: Heather Guizzetti

Stewards Council
Dentistry: Catherine Saunders
Education: Susanna Green
Engineering: Karen McDonald
Health Sciences: Jackie Windsor
Science: Jennifer Heidenheim

An election will be held for the following Steward position:

Social Science
Maureen O'Connell
Mary Van De Ven

Tiffany Trudgeon
Chair, UWOSA Elections Committee

Pay Equity and Job Evaluation Update

For those of you who were unable to attend the December UWOSA General meeting, please go to the Members Only section, Pay Equity and UWOSA members section for a recent update regarding pay equity and job evaluation.

~Meg Perinpanayagam, President

Final Reminder - UWOSA Elections Deadline Friday, January 29th

Dear Members,

Just a reminder that the deadline for Nomination Forms is this Friday, January 29, 2016. Nomination Forms and other information concerning the election can be found at the UWOSA website (

Should you have any questions or would like any more information, please contact me or any member of the Elections Committee: Francisco Bautista-Cruz, Sharon Campbell, Will Harris, Mary Hay (ex officio), Rodger Moran, Ann Seabrook, and Connie Sutherland.

Thank you,


Tiffany Trudgeon, Chair
UWOSA Elections Committee

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