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UWOSA is an independent union representing approximately 860 administrative and technical staff at the University of Western Ontario. Our members work in every area of the University in a wide variety of roles. We are Academic Counselling Assistants, Admissions Coordinators, Animal Care Technicians, Booth Attendants, Computer Specialists, Dental Assistants, Drivers, Events Coordinators, Faculty Affairs Assistants, Graduate Coordinators, Horticultural Technicians, Laboratory Supervisors, Library Assistants, OSAP Coordinators, Prospect Researchers, Research Assistants, Residence Clerks, Schedulers, Secretaries, Storeskeepers, Technical Supervisors and Undergraduate Assistants (and so much more).

A Message from the UWOSA President

Dear Fellow UWOSA Members,

The UWOSA Executive and our Pay Equity/Job Evaluation Consultant, Daina Green, continue to work with the Employer and their consultant to complete the process of developing and implementing point bands so that all our new job evaluation forms (PDQs) can be properly evaluated with the new system. Unfortunately, our consultant has reported that the process is stalled and minimal progress has been made since the summer.

While it was always UWOSA’s understanding that the new job evaluation system would be Pay Equity compliant and used by the Employer to achieve Pay Equity for our bargaining unit, the Employer continues to disagree with us. Their stance is that their original Pay Equity Plan from 1990 is still valid and that they have been maintaining pay equity for us all along.

While we had hoped to have seen some significant progress by late October with the job evaluation process, this has not been the case and both our UWOSA Executive and our consultant are frustrated with the continual delays on the part of the Employer. We have heard from many of you regarding your job evaluations and the continued delays and we know that you are just as frustrated.

Upon exploring all possibilities, our UWOSA Executive instructed our Association’s Pay Equity lawyer to file a complaint on November 4th with the Pay Equity Commission.

We will continue to ask our consultant to work with the Employer to complete the point bands so that all of our job evaluations can be completed.

In solidarity,

John Critchley
UWOSA President

Winter 2016 Columbia Employee Store Shopping Invitation

You are Invited to the Columbia Employee Store Sale

When: November 21 - December 24, 2016

Where: Columbia Employee Store, 1425 Max Brose Drive, Unit 1, London, ON N6N 0A2

• Winter has arrived! Be sure to come early and visit the store often to get the best selection on styles and sizing!
• Special Employee store pricing is applied to all products in the store
• Includes all brands in the Columbia Sportswear family of brands
• Titanium is our newest featured technology – designed for cool, dry comfort all summer long!

How to participate:
Go to our UWOSA website, Member Area, UWOSA Discounts to print off your Columbia invitation and instructions.

This invite is non-transferable but you are welcome to bring your family with you (up to 4 guests).

You will need your UWOSA card or Western I.D. and photo I.D. and your invitation (must be on paper) to gain entry to this event. If you do not have a UWOSA card, please contact

We Need Your Input: 2016 Membership Information Survey

October 26, 2016

Dear UWOSA Member,

The final year of our current collective agreement has arrived, and our Negotiations Committee requests your input to form the direction the Committee should take on your behalf at the upcoming round of negotiations in 2017.

Please log into our website,, and go to Member Area main page for the survey link to the 2016 Member Information Survey.

UWOSA uses Qualtrics, but we have our own account and it is not linked to the University’s account.

In addition, all of your answers will remain confidential and are not linked to one individual or an IP address. Again, the information you provide will help the Negotiations Team at the next round of collective bargaining in 2017.

The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete and will close on November 10, 2016 at 4:00 PM.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and time.

In Solidarity,
Meg Perinpanayagam
Chair, Negotiations Committee

Message from the UWOSA President

Dear UWOSA Members,

I am pleased to announce that Nikki Grozelle has been acclaimed as Chief Steward for the remainder of the 2016-2018 term. Nikki is an Animal Laboratory Specialist in Animal Care, Veterinary Services.

Nikki brings to the role a passion to advocacy for unionized labour and safety in the workplace as well as excellent organizational skills. She looks forward to meeting with members, working closely with our Area Stewards and Executive Officers to protect our rights under the collective agreement.

Nikki begins her role as Chief Steward on November 1, 2016 and can be reached at extension 86911 or by email at:

Katie Merchant, our current Membership Services Officer, has decided to step down from this role for personal reasons. We thank Katie for her contributions in her position as she brought new ideas, energy and leadership to this role.

This leaves us with a vacancy on our Executive Committee. A new Membership Services Officer will be appointed for the electoral term ending April 30, 2018 at the November 16, 2016 meeting of the Stewards Council. The duties of the Membership Services Officer are outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws, Article 7.6.

This is a position open to all members of UWOSA in good standing. If you would like to apply for the role, please fill out and submit a Nomination form and send to by November 4, 2016. The nomination form can be found in the Member Area section of our website,
Applicants will be expected to attend the Stewards Council meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 12:00 pm to provide a brief (5 minute) presentation to Council. After all presentations, a vote will be held to determine the new Membership Services Officer.

If you have any questions regarding the role, or the appointment process, please email

In solidarity,
John Critchley

Position Vacancy: Chief Steward

Val Van Domelen retired from Western University on August 31, 2016, and as such has vacated the office of Chief Steward. This role will be treated as a secondment from a current role at Western University until April 30, 2018.

This is a full-time release position as per Article 7.08c of the collective agreement and is open to all members of UWOSA in good standing. Responsibilities of the Chief Steward are outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws, section 7.0 “Officers of the Association.” If you would like to apply for the role, please email a brief biography to by September 23, 2016, to be submitted for review by our Stewards Council.

All applicants will be expected to attend the Stewards Council meeting on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at Noon to provide a brief (3 minute) presentation to Council. After all presentations, a vote will be held to determine our new Chief Steward.

If you have any questions regarding the role, or the appointment process, please email

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