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Applying for UWOSA vacancies?

Article 12 – Vacancies

One of the gains we made at the negotiations table last year was a significant addition to the language of Article 12.03 d).

UWO is now required to inform UWOSA of the name of the successful applicant as soon as a position has been filled. In the past, we either had to wait until the lists were posted on the HR website which could take several months or contact UWO with specific requests for such information.

The benefit to you is that, if you are unsuccessful in a UWOSA job competition, we can provide you with the name of the person who was selected; this will assist you in deciding whether or not to grieve the hiring decision. As a reminder, Article 12.03 c) states that seniority is the determining factor when 2 or more applicants have relatively equal SAQs.

Also, under Article 12, UWO must consider all internal applicants before hiring externally for UWOSA positions.

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Vice President
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