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In Memoriam

It has been a sad autumn so far, with the loss of two of our colleagues, and a previous UWOSA member who became a SAGE employee. On September 16, we lost Maria Gaulhofer, a member in Microbiology and Immunology, who had been a member of UWOSA for 43 years. Also, earlier this month, on October 5th, Dagmar Cepelova, a member in the Ivey School of Business passed away. Dagmar was 52 years old.

And suddenly, this morning, Peggy Bugler of Financial Services also passed away. Peggy was a long time employee of UWO starting out in UWOSA and moving to the SAGE group in 1999 when UWOSA certified. Her circle of contacts, co-workers and friends encompassed the entire University community.

Peggy is survived by her daughter Roxanne and also the many foster daughters and children she had lent a helping hand to over the years. In providing a warm and loving home thru CAS, Peggy had not only opened her house and family to strangers in a time of need, but opened her heart and taught so many that we are all worthy of love. Her outgoing, friendly and humorous nature made Peggy a pure delight to all who knew her.

Just as you always brought a smile to our faces, radiated a warmth directly from your heart, your memory and name Peggy, will always bring a smile and a tear to our faces.