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Negotiations Update - Friday, August 6th

At the General Meeting on Tuesday, August 2nd, UWOSA members were updated on the status of the union's collective bargaining with UWO Administration.

On June 22, the UWO negotiations team notified the union that it would table discussion regarding monetary issues until after the university has met with the Ontario Government in early August, as a follow-up to the Finance Minister's announcement on July 20th.

UWOSA informed UWO administration that it would file for conciliation, but would continue to negotiate non-monetary issues.

Following is a synopsis of the main questions and discussion that ensued.

Why Did We Call for a Conciliator?
Although monetary discussions are tabled, progress on non-monetary issues in collective bargaining has stalled. The team is fighting to maintain members' rights under the collective agreement that seem to be under attack. Talks cannot drag on indefinitely. UWOSA members are currently working without a contract, and it is imperative that we secure a fair and acceptable contract for all.

What Does Filing for Conciliation Mean to UWOSA?
At the General Meeting, a document outlining the conciliation process was distributed to members. To view this document, please read, UWOSA Calls for a Conciliator.

What Happens Now?
UWOSA's negotiations team is back at the table on August 10, 11, 12, 18 and 20. If required, more dates will be booked.

When Will I Get More Information on What is Happening?
Your team will be back on campus on Friday, August 13th. An email will be sent to you on that date to update you on the status of negotiations.

Can I Do Anything in this Process?
The most important thing you can do is support your negotiations team which is working hard for you. Keep informed on what is going on -- check the website, attend meetings, talk to fellow UWOSA members, discuss your concerns with your Area Steward.

The Union Needs to Improve Its Communication with Members
We heard you. We will update the UWOSA website, and contact you by email regularly.

Stephanie Macleod
UWOSA Vice President and
Chair, Negotiations Committee