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UWOSA is an independent union representing approximately 860 administrative and technical staff at the University of Western Ontario. Our members work in every area of the University in a wide variety of roles. We are Academic Counselling Assistants, Admissions Coordinators, Animal Care Technicians, Booth Attendants, Computer Specialists, Dental Assistants, Drivers, Events Coordinators, Faculty Affairs Assistants, Graduate Coordinators, Horticultural Technicians, Laboratory Supervisors, Library Assistants, OSAP Coordinators, Prospect Researchers, Research Assistants, Residence Clerks, Schedulers, Secretaries, Storeskeepers, Technical Supervisors and Undergraduate Assistants (and so much more).

UWOSA Members: Information for Ratification Vote Meeting: August 22nd, Noon to 2 p.m.


When: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Noon to 2:00 p.m.
Where: North Campus Building**, Room 101


1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Information on Tentative Collective Agreement

3. Question and Answer Period

4. Adjournment

Please bring your Western One ID or photo ID to gain admittance to the meeting.

You are entitled to 2 hours away from work (including your regularly scheduled meal period) to attend this meeting. In addition, if you work away from main campus, you are entitled to up to one hour of additional time for travel. This time does not need to be made up.

Polls will open for voting on the ratification of the collective agreement immediately after the meeting until 3:30 pm.

Polls will also be open on Wednesday August 23rd and Thursday 24th from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm in UCC Room 255 (UWOSA Office). Highlights of the collective agreement will be available to read prior to voting.

**North Campus Building is located on Perth Drive between the Labatts Visual Arts Centre & Delaware Hall.

Tentative Agreement Reached Between UWOSA and Western

August 4, 2017
A message from the Negotiations Team:

The UWOSA Negotiationg Team has a tentative collective agreement with Western’s Administration.

According to our Constitution and Bylaws 16.2.2, “An information meeting(s) for all of the UWOSA constituents as defined by the Ontario Labour Relations Board Certificate will be called before a contract ratification vote is taken.”

Details of the tentative new agreement will be provided at an Information Meeting for the Purpose of a Contract Ratification Vote.

Watch your email and this website for specific details next week.

We wish to again thank the membership for all of their support throughout this process.

In Solidarity,
Meg Perinpanayagam, Nikki Grozelle, Evan Wiley, James Taron, and Karen McDonald

July 28, 2017: Message from the Negotiations Team

July 28, 2017

Fellow UWOSA Members:

Please visit our UWOSA website,, under the Member Area “Negotiations Information” for an update.

In solidarity,
UWOSA Negotiations Team

July 17, 2017 Member Info Request Reminder

Fellow UWOSA Members:

If you have not already done so, please visit our UWOSA website,, under the Member Area "Strike Preparedness Information" for an important request for information.

In Solidarity,
Lori Johnson, Chair
Strike Preparedness Committee

Welcome Olga Sauer, UWOSA's Business Manager

Join us in welcoming Olga Sauer as UWOSA's new Business Manager. Olga began in the UWOSA office on July 3, 2017. Some of you may know Olga if you work with graduate students, as Olga had previously worked in the SOGS office for the past 14 years. Olga understands a union cycle and has been a UWOSA member in Computer Science, Chemistry, Internal Medicine, Robarts, and Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation.

"I look forward to working for UWOSA and with the Executive, Steward Council, all the committees and the UWOSA members," Olga said when asked about her new role.

Thank you to the Selection Committee: Lori Johnson, Maureen O'Connell, Shilesh Nene, Heather Guizzetti, and Jackie Windsor who chose the external human resources consulting firm and also to Lori Johnson who sat on the interview panel for all of the candidates.

The Executive Committee thanks all of you for your patience and understanding over the past year and a half as we worked through this process.

In Solidarity,
Meg Perinpanayagam
Acting President

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