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Labour Day: Quick facts from Stats Can

Some quick facts about union membership from Statistics Canada/CALM:

  • The majority of union members in Canada are now women, which has been the case since 2006. 2.15 million women and 2.07 million men are union members. Women’s unionization rate (30 per cent) also exceeds men’s (28.7 per cent).
  • Unionized women are closer to achieving pay equity than non-unionized women. Women in unionized full time jobs average 94 per cent of union full-time men’s average ($23.36 versus $24.83).
  • The wage gap is much bigger for non-unionized full-time women who earn only 81 per cent of non-union full-time men’s average ($18.16 versus $22.50).
  • The average unionized worker is paid $23.58 an hour while the average non-union worker is paid $18.98. Full-time union workers’ average wage is $24.15. Full-time non-union workers average only $20.55.
  • Part-time union workers’ average wage is $19.99. Part-time non-union workers earn dramatically lower pay of $12.56.
  • Unionization has risen slightly among young workers aged 15 to 24. It rose to 13.5 per cent, but fell for all other age groups.