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Holiday Giving: LifeSpin

This year your Membership, Newsletter & Social Committee has chosen LifeSpin for our Holiday Giving project. Please read on to find out more about this organization's Christmas Sponsorship Program. Our goal is to sponsor 2 or 3 families in the London Community. If we can sponsor more, that would be amazing. Please consider helping to make Christmas a reality for some members of our community who are in need this year. You can send cheques or bring cash donations to Mary Hay, in the UWOSA office, room 255 UCC. Your union stewards will also take donations, please seek them out. Please make your donation by December 11, 2009.

For the past 10 years LIFE*SPIN has provided a Christmas Sponsorship Program. In 2007 our Christmas Program assisted 1550 low-income individuals in London. This number increased to more than 1700 in 2008. The donations from our community help to alleviate the pain and desperation experienced by those continuing to live in poverty and also the newly poor resulting from the dramatic downturn in the economies of the world.