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UWO Budget Update

UWOSA has created a comprehensive FAQ-style document to explain issues concerning the budget cuts recently announced by the UWO. That document is can be viewed at:

In addition, we have placed a copy of a presentation about UWOSA member's layoff rights on the website at:

We hope that these documents will help answer many of your questions about these matters. There are three key messages we would like to emphasize, though.

1. While layoffs are a possibility - perhaps even an inevitability - there is no reason to think they will in numbers comparable to what was seen in the 1990s. We anticipate, at this point, a relatively modest number of them.
2. If there are layoffs UWOSA will challenge each one to ensure no other cost-saving measure could be found. We will also ensure that the rights of every member are respected throughout the layoff process.

UWOSA continues to monitor developments regarding these issues. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact any union representative.