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UWOSA Wins Important Policy Grievance

On November 22, 2013, Arbitrator Robert D. Howe declared that the University violated the collective agreement by not identifying employees as members of the union in a timely fashion.

The union filed grievance X-091-12 on June 25, 2012 to address the problem of employees who qualified to be union members not being identified as such for long periods of time. In many instances, these people had left Western before the university informed UWOSA that they were union members.

The arbitrator's decision states that 'In order to properly fulfill its representational duty to members of the bargaining unit, it is important for the Union to know who all of them are'.

Arbitrator Howe went on to say that, 'Hopefully the effect will be that this will cease to be a problem, but if it continues to be a problem additional remedial relief may be sought by the Union in future proceedings, in which the declaratory relief that is warranted in this case could serve as a foundation for other remedies.'

If you are aware of any employee who :

a) has worked at Western for 8 months in the last 24 month period and
b) has worked more than 24 hours in at least 9 of the last 17 weeks

please contact UWOSA at ext 83028 or via email to:

It is important that those who qualify to be UWOSA members are aware of their union membership, and their rights as term employees.