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UWOSA supports the locked out workers at Electro Motive

UWOSA supports the efforts of the CAW members at Electro-Motive. Please join your union representatives in attending the London Day of Action Against Corporate Greed rally on Saturday, January 21st at 11:00 am in Victoria Park. We believe this is a very important event and encourage all UWOSA members to attend and hear the issues firsthand.

Members of CAW at the Electro-Motive plant on Oxford Street East are standing together on picket lines after being locked out for rejecting employer demands of a 50% wage cut and major changes to their pension plan and benefits.

This is a highly profitable company which in 2010 enjoyed a 31% increase in sales and a 44% increase in profits and in 2011 has had multi-billion dollar profits and a 20% boost to production. Rather than share this with the workers who made it possible, this company has proposed slashing wages at Electro-Motive and rolling back hard-won benefits.

This is a key dispute and one where the outcome may have a significant impact on unionized workers, like ourselves, and contract negotiations in the future. Caterpiller -- CAT has a history of confronting and breaking union power, and there are fears that, having acquired the technology and market share from Electro-Motive, CAT intends to move production to a non-union plant in the U.S. If this is allowed to happen, it will not stop with the CAW employees, or even with union members – it will affect everyone – either through cuts in salaries and benefits or through loss of businesses!

Other ways we can help:

- join the picket line at 2021 Oxford Street East
- invite friends to attend the rally with us
- contact our MPPs to demand anti-scab legislation

Here is a list of local MPPs:

London Fanshawe: Teresa Armstrong

Queen's Park
Room 159, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A5
Tel 416-325-1872 / Fax 416-325-1912

Unit 16 - 771 Southdale Road East
London, Ontario N6E 2C6
Tel 519-668-1104 / Fax 519-668-1941

London West: Chris Bentley

Ministry of Energy
4th Floor, Hearst Block - 900 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2E1
Tel 416-327-6758 / Fax 416-327-6754

Unit 8 - 11 Baseline Road East
London, Ontario N6C 5Z8
Tel 519-657-3120 /Fax 519-657-0368

London North: Deb Matthews

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
10th Floor, Hepburn Block
80 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C4
Tel 416-327-4300/ Fax 416-327-3679

Main Floor
242 Piccadilly Street
London, Ontario N6A 1S4
Tel 519-432-7339 / Fax 519-432-0613

You can read more about this dispute on the CAW website at