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UWOSA Statement and Feedback Survey re: Salary Disclosure of Western's President

Dear UWOSA members,

For years, UWOSA has been hearing the administration talk about budget constraints, and has seen the effects of this in our workplace. UWOSA members faced many layoffs in 2009 (when Chakma’s contract was signed) and again in 2014 (when the double-payment to Chakma was made). We are the front-line workers delivering the “best student experience” at Western, but are increasingly asked to do more and more with less and less.

The average UWOSA member earns about $44,000 per year - not even 10% of Chakma’s usual (non-double-payment) salary. Many support their families on this income, and some have taken second jobs to make ends meet. As a direct result of “budget constraints”, the administration has laid off many employees, while the number of students, and tuition rates have increased. In 2010 and 2013, we endured lengthy and difficult rounds of collective bargaining to achieve minimal wage increases. Meanwhile, Amit Chakma was paid nearly a million dollars in 2014.

At UWOSA’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 9 at 12:00pm in SSC 2050 we will hold a vote of non-confidence, similar to that held by UWOFA. In the meantime, we are asking UWOSA members to provide us with their reactions to the news of Chakma’s double-payment, and how specifically the budgetary constraints have affected their work and their lives. The survey link is here: All responses to this survey are anonymous. To ensure anonymity, you may refrain from including identifying details about yourself or your workplace. We will share some of the feedback that we receive at our Annual General Meeting before the vote of non-confidence.

We will continue to work with the other labour groups on campus to work toward making Western’s Board of Governors accountable to and representative of the Western community.

Karen Foullong
President, UWOSA
ext. 85041