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Senate Meeting Protest - Friday April 10

Dear UWOSA members,

UWOSA will be joining other employee and student groups on campus to protest at Friday's Senate meeting.

A planning committee has been formed on campus and has just sent us the following schedule:

11am-12:30pm: everyone gathers in mustang lounge to create placards and posters (with no sticks)

12:30pm-12:45: clean up and leave to meet all groups at Alumni Hall (on the island)

12:50pm: a quick debrief/reminder of what's about to happen and then proceed from Alumni Hall and walk through the gates across the street in one giant mass of protesters to the front doors of New Ivey

1:00pm: arrive at New Ivey front doors and do a short demonstration with short 2 minute speeches from key speakers

1:15pm: remind everyone that the rest of the protest is SILENT and then proceed to line the hallways into the room (right close to the entrance) with people and their placards/posters

1:20-1:25pm: everyone enters the Senate chambers SILENTLY and proceeds to sit in SILENT protest

If you are interested in participating in the protest, please meet us at 11:00 am in the Mustang Lounge. Together, we can make a difference.

In solidarity,
Your UWOSA Executive