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Results of April 17 Special Senate Meeting

Dear UWOSA members,

At today’s special meeting of Western’s Senate, the votes of non-confidence in both President Chakma and the Chair of the Board of Governors, Chirag Shah, did not pass. UWOSA is disappointed that the majority of University Senate members appear to support the governing policy of this institution. Given the news we have heard over the past few weeks, we had hoped that the Senate would have recognized an opportunity to influence a substantial change in Western’s priorities and governing policies.

Nevertheless, our work is not done. UWOSA hopes that Dr. Chakma was sincere in his message of taking "concrete steps to engage our staff, and employee group leaders, whose work is so critical to the success of our academic enterprise." We were sincere in our open letter that we look forward to our conversation with Dr. Chakma to change Western for the better.

Yours sincerely,
The UWOSA Executive Committee