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Migrant Workers Family Support Fund Established after Hamptstead Tragedy

A tragic collision took place near Hampstead, Ontario, when a flatbed truck collided with a passenger van carrying thirteen agriculture workers working in the poultry industry. Police at the scene reported that the victims in the passenger van were migrant workers. The driver of the flatbed truck was also killed in the collision.

In the wake of the tragic accident, UFCW Canada and the Agriculture Workers Alliance (AWA) have set a Migrant Workers Family Support Fund to immediately assist the families of the workers who were killed, as well as the families of the injured in the horrific accident.

100% of the collected funds donated will be donated to the benefit of families of the injured or killed workers, who include 13 agriculture workers, as well as the driver of the colliding vehicle.

The fund was established on February 7.

To make a contribution to this fund, click HERE