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Members Needed for UWOSA Standing Committees

Dear UWOSA member,

As we have just entered a new electoral term, all UWOSA committees have openings for new members.

Constitution & Bylaws
Chair: Boun Thai, Vice President
This committee reviews, provides clarity and recommends changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.

Chair: Rob Fournier, Treasurer
This committee reviews UWOSA’s financial statements and investments.

Membership, Newsletter & Social Committee
co-Chairs: Meg Perinpanayagam, Membership Services Officer and Boun Thai, Vice President
This committee works to advance the educational, social and cultural interests of the Association membership and publishes the newsletter.

Education and Training Committee
Chair: Karen Foullong, President
This committee develops and proposes programs and policies which will advance the educational and training needs and interests of the Association membership. They establish criteria and adjudicate applications from members for education and training opportunities.

If you are interested in joining, or would like more information on any of these committees, please contact the appropriate chair.