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Members Needed for UWOSA Elections Committee

Dear UWOSA member,

The two year terms for UWOSA's current officers will end on April 30, 2014. At this time members are asked to put their names forward to serve on the UWOSA Elections Committee.

Committee members must be UWOSA members in good standing who do not intend to run for election for any UWOSA office.

The committee's mandate is as follows:

a) to choose a chair at its first meeting;
b) to secure the nomination of at least one candidate for each position;
c) to publish the slate and invite additional nominations from the membership;
d) to conduct the election, appoint scrutineers, and publish the results.

If you are interested as serving as a member of the UWOSA elections committee, please contact me at ext 85089 or

Thank you,

Mary Hay, CGA
UWOSA Business Manager