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Helping Those in Need This Holiday Season

This year, the Membership, Newsletter, & Social committee has decided that UWOSA will support LIFE*SPIN for our 2015 holiday charity.

LIFE*SPIN is a local organization that provides information and support for individuals surviving on low-incomes, and supports the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency. As in previous years, LIFE*SPIN is accepting contributions for families through donations of food, gifts, and monetary support.

Deb Ratz, Assistant Manager, for the LIFE*SPIN Free Store states, “For the past twenty years, LIFE*SPIN has facilitated a holiday sponsorship program that provides additional support to the poor families in our community. This program relieves poverty for low-income families with children over the holiday season. LIFE*SPIN matches low-income families with those wishing to help a disadvantaged family celebrate the holidays. We are again offering this program and have greatly appreciated your support in past years. Thank you again for your continued generosity and support; It is deeply appreciated.”

There are two ways you can help UWOSA support LIFE*SPIN this season:

1) Sign up as a group or an individual to support one family:

If you sign up on their website, you will receive a holiday “wish list” from the recipient family and can then coordinate the purchase of gifts for each child in that family. Gifts should be limited to a maximum of $25-$30 per child. You can also include a grocery store gift card for the family to shop together for their holiday meal or a small gift for the parents, although these are at your discretion.

2) Purchase or provide monetary gifts for underserved gift recipients that we will pass along to LIFE*SPIN to distribute.

LIFE*SPIN's most underserved group is children aged 13-18. Gifts for this age group could include gift cards (shopping mall, Chapters, iTunes, Subway, professional sports team items, etc.), chocolate or candy, nail polish, or school supplies.

In order for LIFE*SPIN to distribute gifts on time, please drop your donations off at the UWOSA Office, UCC Room 255, by 4 pm Friday, December 11.

If you have purchased for a specific family (Option 1 above), please ensure that you include a printout of your confirmation email so
that the representatives at LIFE*SPIN know who the gifts are for.

If you would like to receive a Charitable Tax receipt for the value of your purchases, please retain all your receipts and mail them to LIFE*SPIN by December 15th to P.O. Box 2801, London, ON N6A 4H4. Please note that they cannot issue the receipt for the HST portion of your donations in-kind.

If you have questions about the program, please feel free to contact LIFE*SPIN directly, however, please note that they only have two telephone lines, so detailed messages and your advance patience are appreciated. Their phone number is 519-438-8676; fax number is 519-438-7983; and the email address is