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This page contains information of some of the more common questions from our members.

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What is Long Service Maximum?
Under Article 45.05, "When a Continuing or Sessional employee's salary is at or above the Normal Maximum but below the Long Service Maximum of a classification for four years, that employee's salary will be moved to the Long Service Maximum on November 1st coinciding with, or next following, the completion of the fourth full year at Normal Maximum." Our collective agreement has three appendices which outline the minimum, normal maximum and long service maximum salaries for each classification.

Once your salary reaches the normal maximum, you will no longer receive the progress through the range increase (PTR). PTR is meant to move members from minimum to normal maximum. However, you will continue to receive the annual salary increase. If you have been at the normal maximum rate of pay for four years, you will be moved to the Long Service Maximum on November 1st.

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