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Electro-Motive Lockout

Members of CAW at the Electro-Motive plant on Oxford Road East in London are standing together on picket lines after being locked out for rejecting employer demands of a 50% wage cut and major changes to their pension plan and benefits.

In 2008 the Conservative government gave Electro-Motive millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies, then just two years later, in 2010, approved the sale of the plant to U.S. based Caterpiller -- CAT. This is a highly profitable company which in 2010 topped the Dow Jones Industrial Index with a 53% increase in its share values. Last year, sales were up 31% and profits soared 44%. Nevertheless, the company has proposed slashing wages at Electro-Motive and rolling back hard-won benefits. CAT has a history of confronting and breaking union power, and there are fears that, having acquired the technology and market share from Electro-Motive, CAT intends to move production to a non-union plant in the U.S.

This as a key dispute, the outcome of which may have a significant impact on unionized workers, like ourselves, and contract negotiations in the future.
UWOSA supports the efforts of the CAW members at Electro-Motive and direct our members to the CAW website at for further information on this dispute.

Stephanie Macleod
Vice President