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Call for Nominations - UWOSA Vice President

Just a reminder that the office of UWOSA Vice President is vacant, as Boun Thai has assumed the role of UWOSA President.

This is a full-time release position, open to all members of UWOSA in good standing.

The appointment of the UWOSA Vice President will be made at the Stewards Council meeting on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 12:00pm in the Social Science Centre, room 9420.

If you are interested in the role, please forward a brief bio to UWOSA's Business Manager, Mary Hay before May 13 at 9:00am.

You will be expected to attend the meeting on May 20 and to provide a short (maximum 5 minute) presentation on your candidacy for the role before the members of Stewards Council vote.

If you have any questions regarding the role, or the appointment process, please call ext 85089 or email