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Member Update

information sent to all members from UWOSA (AGM agendas, notice of general meetings, etc).

Moving to Long-Service Maximum

Dear UWOSA members,

If your salary has been at the Normal Maximum for your classification for 4 full years, you should have been moved to the Long Service Maximum amount on November 1st. If you qualify, please check your online pay statement for November to ensure this has occurred.

To view the Normal Maximum for your classification for 2010, 2011 and 2012, please click here. Your salary history can be accessed via myHR on the university's webiste.

If your pay has been at Normal Maximum for 4 full years, and you have not been moved to Long Service Maximum, please contact us at ext 83028 or


Karen Foullong

Results of Ratification Vote

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit the UWOSA website, we wanted to let you know that UWOSA members voted 95% in favour of ratifying the tentative collective agreement reached on August 26th. At this point, the tentative contract also must be voted on by the Board of Governors at their September 24th meeting.

After the contract has been duly ratified by both sides, we will hold a series of sessions across campus in October outlining the changes to the collective agreement. Details of the dates, times and locations of these sessions will be forwarded to you as soon as they are finalized.


John Critchley, President and
Karen Foullong, Vice President

Applying for UWOSA vacancies?

Article 12 – Vacancies

One of the gains we made at the negotiations table last year was a significant addition to the language of Article 12.03 d).

UWO is now required to inform UWOSA of the name of the successful applicant as soon as a position has been filled. In the past, we either had to wait until the lists were posted on the HR website which could take several months or contact UWO with specific requests for such information.

The benefit to you is that, if you are unsuccessful in a UWOSA job competition, we can provide you with the name of the person who was selected; this will assist you in deciding whether or not to grieve the hiring decision. As a reminder, Article 12.03 c) states that seniority is the determining factor when 2 or more applicants have relatively equal SAQs.

Also, under Article 12, UWO must consider all internal applicants before hiring externally for UWOSA positions.

Stephanie Macleod
Vice President
Room 255, UCC
Phone: 519-661-2111, Extn. 87574

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