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President's Bulletin: July 13, 2009

In this Bulletin, there are several issues about which I would like to report, very briefly. Those issues are:

  • Displacement Update
  • Annual Salary Increases
  • UWOSA Office Construction
  • Problems With Email

I invite comments, suggestions, or concerns about these (or any) issues. Feel free to contact me by email or phone (x85041).

Displacement Update

The only update about the displacement process is that the UWO has begun to place individuals into a small number of vacant positions. This activity started late last week. We do not know when the first displacements will occur, but will provide an update as soon as there is new information. We are hoping that several displacements will be avoided through the filling of vacancies.

Annual Salary Increases

The annual salary increase is effective July 1, and is 3% of current salary. this increase will be reflected on your July pay statement and can be checked in MyHR (after signing in, click "Payroll and Compensation" and then "Compensation History"). All Continuing and Sessional members receive this increase (unless you are red-circled). The salaries of all term members must be kept at the minimum of the grade - term members can find these minimums in Appendix Z of the Collective Agreement.

In addition, Continuing and Sessional members (who are below the "normal maximum" for their classification) also receive progress-through-the-range ("PTR") increases on July 1. This increase is an additional 3% of salary after the annual increase, or the normal maximum for your classification, whichever is lower. Normal maximums can be found in Appendix Z of the Collective Agreement.

If you have any questions about these increases, please contact your Steward.

UWOSA Office Construction

Starting today, there will be construction related to the new Student Services Building occurring in the UWOSA office. This will cause some disruption to our normal activities and there may be times the office is unavailable. We recommend calling before you drop into the office for the next week or so. Your understanding is appreciated.

Problems With Email

There appears to have been a problem with some email sent to me getting caught by the SPAM filter. As far as I know, all of this email was sent to the address "" email address. If you have sent any email to me to which you have not received a reply, please resend it using the contact form linked at the top of this Bulletin (or send to my new email address, which is dempey "at" uwosa "dot" ca).