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Items for Auction: Printer and Bookshelves

The following items are being offered for auction:

A Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4050N comes with power cord and internet cable.

Wooden 5-shelf bookcase (originally purchased from Weldon Library) There are 3 in total.

If you are interested in bidding on this item, please complete the bid form and mail it in a sealed envelope to the UWOSA Office by November 17, 2017 (updated date). Only UWOSA members can submit bids.

If you would like to see the items in person, please visit the office at UCC 255.

Auction Guidelines

Bidding will remain open until November 17, 2017 (updated).

Please submit all bids attn: Olga Sauer, UWOSA office, UCC 255.

Upon receipt, sealed bids will be placed in a secure box in the UWOSA office. The items will be offered for purchase to the highest bidders.

If one or more members submit identical bids, the item will be offered for purchase to the member with the most seniority.

If no bids are received within 30 calendar days, the item will be donated to a registered charity or community organization identified by the Executive.

Payment must be made by cash, or a cheque payable to the UWO Staff Association. A receipt will be provided to the purchaser to record receipt of payment.

All monies received from the disposal of UWOSA’s assets will be deposited in the strike fund.